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UMHR provides experience & affordability for its non-profit clients. Our relationships in the Philippines and other countries have allowed us to bring  qualified workers who want to work in the United States. Our professionals have met all stringent U.S. requirements for immigration, education, credentialing and health standards.

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UMHR’s service begins with the behind-the-scenes effort to recruit qualified healthcare workers from overseas.  UMHR constantly files Visa petitions for the workers who meet our high standards – and those of the U.S.

We work closely with our clients to determine needs, and to find the right people for their jobs. We coordinate all deployment logistics and deliver the workers to our clients.  After deployment, we stay connected to monitor our workers’ performance, vacations, sick times and our clients’ satisfaction.  We’re with you for the duration of the Agreement.

Whether you need Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Med Techs, Lab Techs, Physical Therapists or other healthcare professionals, we can find them.


Our recruiting partner in the Philippines, Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency, Inc. recruits on a continuous basis throughout the Philippines. They conduct the following to find qualified workers:


UMHR employs an experienced Immigration Attorney to manage the legal aspects of filing Visas for overseas workers from different counties.  The Immigration process can be challenging – but UMHR knows the ins and outs.


UMHR offers our clients the ability to Lease our Healthcare workers for a 3-year term (minimum required by Immigration) with the ability to convert employment to clients after one year.

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