Healthcare Professional Staffing

The Process

We partner directly with Aguinaldo Recruitment in Manila, and our recruitment team travels to the Philippines throughout the year to evaluate candidates and conduct in-person interviews. Because of our large pipeline of healthcare professionals and connections with immigration and legal professionals in both the Philippines and the United States, it only takes  less than 9 months for workers to arrive in the US after an Agreement is signed.

Beyond our professional and legal experience being able to expedite this process, there is abundant pressure from many constituents to speed up the immigration process for skilled professionals, so we expect this timeframe to continue to decrease.

After arrival in the U.S., our professionals are licensed to work in Illinois. It only takes a few weeks to transfer the license for those that will be assigned to other states. 

Leasing Program

Lease UMHR professionals on a full-time basis with 3-year contracts.

How it works:

  1. UMHR functions as both the petitioner for the Visas and as the employer providing payroll services, benefits management, and Worker’s Compensation coverage. Workers must be scheduled full time by clients (minimum 32 hours/week).  Clients may accept or decline the workers proposed for the assignment.
  2. Clients are required to provide at least two months of free housing for each worker, per rules of the Philippines.
  3. To reserve UMHR workers, deposit for each worker is required – and is refundable at any time if the process does not proceed as anticipated.
  4. For each professional assigned to a client, a nonrefundable Placement fee is billed when the professionals are delivered by our Director of Recruiting & Staffing.
  5. Clients determine the workers’ shifts & schedules. After each bi-weekly payroll, using information supplied by Clients, an invoice is sent to the clients.
  6. Actual hourly wages must be the higher of the the prevailing wage for Cook County, IL (Chicago) or the county of client assignment, per the Department of Labor. Prevailing Wages can be found in this national database. Wages can change once per year in July, as set by the Department of Labor.
  7. Six (6) month replacement guarantee if assigned worker departs early or is unsatisfactory.
  8. The agreement is for a three (3) year term. Clients and workers may mutually agree to have the workers become employees of the client after 6 months with a Buy-Out fee.

UMHR maintains a Waiting List of reserved workers. If you are interested to add your organization’s name, please complete the short form below or contact Paul Spence at 773-484-8280. We’re ready to help you hire solve your staffing shortages with qualified, international professionals!

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