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United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment (UMHR) is the solution to your healthcare staffing needs. We have an exclusive and well-respected recruitment partner in Manila, Philippines to provide qualified healthcare professionals to non-profit senior care providers and hospitals in the U.S.

Lease Nurses
Leasing Program

UMHR petitions EB-3 visas (green cards) for healthcare professionals in the Philippines and handles the entirety of the immigration and employment process. Organizations work with UMHR in capacity as a staffing agency.

Lease Nurses

The Need for Healthcare Professionals

Nursing is currently experiencing one of the largest employment shortages across industries in the US, and as the aging population increases, the demand for highly skilled healthcare professionals also expands. The growing population of seniors requires more health services due to age-related conditions. Lengthened lifespans stretch out the timeframe when patients require services, thus adding pressure to an already strained healthcare system. 73 million seniors are projected to need skilled nursing care by 2030, and domestic industry growth can’t keep up.

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