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United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment (UMHR) has successfully provided many qualified healthcare workers to non-profit healthcare organizations since 2005. UMHR started as a source of nurses for Chicago Methodist Senior Services and its skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, but has since expanded to help other nonprofits with their staffing needs. 

UMHR has partnered with a licensed and well respected recruitment agency in Manila, Philippines. Our staff travels throughout the year to the Philippines and other countries to interview candidates and ensure the smooth operations of the recruitment process. 


Our Story

In 2005, Rose Policarpio was the Director of Nursing for United Methodist Homes & Services in Chicago, USA.  Needing nurses to fill her 102-bed Skilled Nursing facility, Rose knew her home country, the Philippines, had thousands of nurses who wanted to work in the United States. Rose forged a business relationship with an Immigration Attorney, and UMH&S sponsored a small group to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan to have the nurses work for her. Six months later, the first group arrived in the U.S. 

United Methodist was so impressed with the achievement that they sponsored more until the Philippine government shared that the limit of direct hiring per company had been reached, and that the nurses would need to be processed through a licensed, Philippines-based recruitment company.  From that necessity, Rose built Aguinaldo Recruitment, Inc in partnership with United Methodist. In the eighteen years since its founding, Aguinaldo Recruitment has sponsored and deployed hundreds, if not thousands, of nurses to United Methodist and its non-profit partners across 20 States.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to match qualified international healthcare professionals to non-profit senior care providers & hospitals in the U.S., and to support these professionals in their quest to successfully integrate into the American dream.



Our healthcare workers are competent and knowledgeable in their work. All meet our educational requirements and are vetted through our screening processes.



Our clients can be assured that they will receive great value at a reasonable price. We aim to give you the most for your dollar.



Our UMHR team has many years of international recruiting experience, U.S. placements and client service for non-profits across the country.

Our Team

Rose Policarpio, CEO

Rose served as a Director of Nursing for a Skilled Nursing Facility for over 20 years while also being UMHR’s founder and leader since 2005. Rose travels frequently to both the Philippines and Africa to interview potential healthcare workers for UMHR – and is an expert in immigration details. She is well known for fair & compassionate treatment of qualified overseas workers seeking employment in the U.S.

Paul Spence, VP Business Development

Paul Spence joined United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment (UMHR) full-time in 2017 after having been a consultant for UMHR since 2005. Paul has traveled frequently to the Philippines to recruit Nurses through UMHR’s partner in Manila. He has over 15 years of experience in Senior Services marketing, sales & executive management plus sales, client service & marketing experience in larger service and manufacturing businesses.

Laura Davidson, Director of Recruiting & Staffing

Laura joined UMHR after having been a Director of Recruiting & Staffing for 10 years with a large employer of healthcare workers. She has over 16 years of extensive healthcare recruitment/client service experience, and will direct recruitment, staffing and UMHR Client relations.

Maricel Bondoc, Accounting Director

Maricel joined the United Methodist organization in 2008 to manage payroll and accounts payable for its Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Memory Care services. Likewise, she manages the accounting, billing, immigration, and nurse licensing management for UMHR. Maricel has over 18 years of experience in financial operations and management.

Bill Lowe, President/CEO of CMSS

Bill has been President & CEO for CMSS President/CEO since 2005. He has grown the organization to include new services and has developed and grown joint ventures with large health care organizations. Bill is on the Board of Directors with Leading Age Illinois.

Miriam Pascua, HR Manager

Miriam worked in the Philippines for Mariana Marcos State University (MMSU) in Laoag – northern Philippines from 1995 to 2019.  She was a Professor, Department Chair, Dean, VP of Academic Affairs and University President for 10 years. Miriam and MMSU had a great relationship with Aguinaldo Recruitment – our partner in Manila.  Miriam’s daughter, Lei worked for Wesley Place as a Nurse and now is a Clinical Instructor at Loyola University. You may see her at WP as she conducts training.  Miriam lives with her daughter in Rogers Park.

Patricia Lim, Program Manager

Patricia joined the UMHR team in 2022 after serving with Chicago Methodist Senior Services since 2017 in increasing roles of responsibility, including Billing Specialist, Activities Coordinator and intern. Patricia is also currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves.

UMHR History

In 2005, United Methodist Homes & Services (UMH&S) required additional Nurses for its Skilled Nursing & Rehab unit but was faced with hiring challenges. Rose Policarpio, who has been the Director of Nursing since then suggested hiring from her home country, the Philippines. They did, and filled all open Nursing positions within several months. UMH&S then decided to offer hiring assistance to other non-profits.

It was easier back then, as Direct Hiring was allowed. But the process and requirements became more stringent on both the Philippines and American sides.  The Philippine government required UMH&S and all American companies to utilize a Philippines-based recruitment company if it wanted workers from their country.  Rose and UMH&S decided to open an agency in Manila under Rose’s ownership called Aguinaldo Recruitment AGency, Inc.  They also decided to form a formal service division under UMH&S, called United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment (UMHR). The license for Aguinaldo was granted in 2009, as was the license for UMHR – and the partnership service has grown into a leading supplier of Philippine Nurses within the USA!

Today, UMHR has non-profit clients in many cities and states. Some are small, some large. Many are Skilled Nursing Centers but UMHR also serves Hospitals, Physical Rehab Centers, Assisted Living, and Memory Care services.

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