Frequently Asked Questions

UMHR is the healthcare recruitment service aims to simplify staffing across the United States. Our team has successfully placed hundreds of satisfied Nurses and other healthcare professionals since 2005.

Find questions commonly asked by past and current clients below.  

We have an exclusive Philippines-based recruitment company in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. As of 2023 the majority of our healthcare professionals are recruited from the Philippines, but UMHR is opening an office in Africa in the near future.

All nurses are qualified based on USA requirements. The U.S. nursing board certifies that the Philippines education system for nurses is valid and equivalent to that in the states.

Yes, our healthcare professionals most often come with an Illinois license, as they must declare a state when they take the NCLEX. We then transfer the license to other states.

All Nurses from other countries are RN’s by law. LPN’s are not allowed to emigrate to the states as of 2022. 

UMHR charges a reservation fee per nurse at contract signing. When UMHR nurses are delivered, a placement fee per nurse is billed to cover legal expenses, Philippine processing, airfare and other costs that we incur. UMHR earns a return by charging a per-hour mark-up rate.

We have been averaging 9 to 12 month wait time, but due to the process of hiring internationally there may be delays from U.S. Immigration.

By law, nurses must earn the higher of the prevailing wage for Cook County, IL (Chicago) and county in which they will work. Currently, the prevailing wage is $30/hour for Cook County.

We do strongly encourage clients to pay their hired professionals the market rate within a profession, in order to keep recruits content and feeling like they are a valued part of a client’s team.

Our healthcare professionals will work any shift that a client requires. During recruitment, all nurses are informed that they could work any shift. Their contract is for full-time hours for a guaranteed 3-year contract.

By rule, clients are required to provide two months of free housing.  It can be on the client’s campus or nearby. After that, nurses will find their own housing.

UMHR has a client service team who will deliver the nurses to the placement site and maintain consistent contact throughout their employment to ensure they have all resources needed available to them. 

If the relationship between client and healthcare professional is not satisfactory, then UMHR offers a 6-month replacement guarantee.

If you have more questions, please contact the United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment team.